Multi Colored Dogs with a Fun Coat Pattern

With so many dog breeds that exist today, particularly the hybrid ones, we are bound to get some interesting results. They come out in all kinds of shapes and forms – big, small, long-eared, short-tailed! But what people find the most appealing are odd colored dogs.

According to Dogly Mail, here are certain types of breeds that have a really interesting pattern that certain people find amazing to look at. It is what makes them unique and interesting for new dog owners. Some have even said that they have chosen their pet simply because they liked the fun color patter then have.

But which are these multi colored dogs?

Catahoula Leopard Dog


The Catahoula Leopard Dog is famous for being the State Dog of Louisiana, which it became in 1979. These types of dogs are really interesting and are known for their multi-colored patterns.

They come in a variety of colors. But they also come in brindle, patchwork, and leopard color, making them quite unique among other dog breeds. Once you see the Catahoula Leopard Dog you will instantly be able to recognize it.

Harlequin Great Dane


A Great Dane is known to be gentle giants. They are sometimes confused with a black Dogo Argentino, but each one of them is their own separate breed. Particularly the Harlequin Great Dane as it stands out even among some of its own.

Known for its unusual name and an even flamboyant stripe pattern, the Harlequin is one of the most popular multi colored dogs. It only comes in black and white though but it is not dull at all.

Panda German Shepherd


A brindle bull terrier may have an interesting look but a Panda German Shepherd takes advantage of our book. These dogs are 35% white. But the rest of them are all kinds of colors which predominantly include black or tan.

The mix of these colors makes it one of the most interesting odd colored dogs on earth. A German Shepherd is already a proud type of dog. But the Panda one has more confidence especially because of the odd color pattern that it sports.

Alaskan Malamute


Generally speaking, the Alaskan Malamute is not seen by many as a dog with an unusual color pattern. But they are still more unique than a Black American Bulldog, for example. Their uniqueness comes with their unusual face markings.

The markings on their face usually include a pointed cap over the head and bold contrast of either black or white. Their faces are usually white but the other added makings give these dogs an edge. Also, don’t forget the bushy tail that adds to the entire color specter.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog


The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is known for being a big breed of dog with a very cuddly personality. This is quite usual with bigger dogs and you can see it with other breeds as well. That is why they call them gentle giants.

But the Swiss Mountain Dog is also unique due to its tri-colored fur patterns. It gives it an added, a dignified appearance that goes perfectly to its bone structure and stance. It is not only one of the most interesting odd colored dogs, but also a very faithful one.

Merle Australian Shepherd


The Australian Shepherd is one of the most exclusive multi colored dogs that you can get. It comes in various coat colors – black, blue, merle, merle, and red. Additionally, they often have white marks sprinkled all over as well.

These types of dogs are family dogs. But they are for active families as they like playing around and want to spend time playing with the members of the family. Also, they look pretty graceful with their locks of hair.

Irish Red Setter


An Irish Red Setter is definitely a distinguishing type of a dog. It is not as plain as a white Pekingese would be and instead it is a dog that looks both interesting and gracious. It is definitely an odd colored dog the red color of its fur sets it apart from all the others.

The straight glossy coats wave around as they run and give them an elegant look. Maybe the most beautiful type of dog on the list.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi


A Corgi is one of the cutest and cuddliest dogs there is. But the Cardigan Welsh version of it brings together a mixture of colors like sable, red, and brindle making it quite unique among other Corgis.

The pups can be especially adorable. The merle pups with brindle or tan points look absolutely adorable. Also, this breed has a tail as opposed to other similar breeds of their kind.