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Dog Breeds That Are Great Therapy Dogs

A therapy dog is not a service dog. It is a completely separate type of dog that performs a certain function. Therapy dogs are there to provide support to people with mental or social problems. Having a pet has often shown that it has ...Read More

Multi Colored Dogs with a Fun Coat Pattern

With so many dog breeds that exist today, particularly the hybrid ones, we are bound to get some interesting results. They come out in all kinds of shapes and forms – big, small, long-eared, short-tailed! But what people find the most appealing are odd ...Read More

Top Dog Socks for Hardwood Floors

Now, if you have them, treat them like your family. Be it a dog or any other pet, once they enter your house, they are solely your responsibility. But, we also agree that your home-sweet-home is also something you die for and you do ...Read More

Hungarian Dog Breeds

Every country in the world can boast of something that makes them unique. Apart from the name, which goes without saying, each country has a unique natural feature – a mountain, valley, river, waterfall, lake, cave – the variety is endless. There are unique ...Read More

Puppy Finder

So, you made the decision to bring an adorable puppy into your life. We are so excited for you! As soon to be puppy parents you have most likely thought about what breed melts your heart, the perfect coat color and even the size ...Read More

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

Dogs are little fur balls of energy. While it is unfair to call some of them little. They spin around, jump and pounce, especially when they know it’s time for their walk. Then you cancel or cut short their walk, thanks to the rain, ...Read More

10 Car Safety Items for Your Pet

If you have a pet you have probably considered their car safety. These days you cannot really put a dog on your lap while you drive, despite its size. There are certain laws that have been pushed recently which call for added pet safe ...Read More