Own a Dog and Keep a Clean House at the Same Time

Dog owners are facing a very unique kind of struggle each day; How to keep the house clean and cater to your pet’s needs at the same time. It is a very exasperating task and many people would tell you that it is impossible to have a pet and a clean home. Whether you have a small dog or a big one the problem is the same. You are going to face paw prints on the carpet, hair everywhere and dirt that the dog drags in. Does this mean that you have to face the fact and choose between your home or your pet?

The answer is “Of course Not!” There are ways of keeping your home clean despite the dog being around. It is hard to change the nature of the dog and you absolutely shouldn’t do that, but you can instead utilize a few tricks that could keep your home clean. Here are some ways that can help you keep your home clean and have a pet at the same time.

Prepare to Vacuum a Lot

One of the biggest issues with having a dog is the fact that it will leave its hair all over the house. Once you clean the house once you will notice in a few hours that you have to do it again. This is really tricky during the transition seasons when the dogs shed the most. You will have to deal with a ton of dog hair and dispose of it. So the best way to do this is to get a handheld vacuum.

But what is the best handheld vacuum and why use that one? These vacuum are small and very easy to use. Instead of taking your big old vacuum every time you notice that the dog starts shedding you can use this smaller one with which you can clean everything really quickly. Don’t worry, these things are as powerful as regular vacuums and are very useful in your fight against dog shedding.

Keep a Stain Remover Close By

No matter how clean your dog is or how housetrained they might be, there is always an off chance of you ending up with a stain. Whether it is from something the dog dragged in from the outside or because of a “small accident,” you will most likely have a situation where you will have to remove an unwanted stain. So the best solution is a stain remover that you should keep close by.

By this time you need to realize that a stain remover is a necessary part of the household. So be sure to remove the stain as soon as you spot it. The longer you wait the tougher it would be to remove. Also, make sure to get a powerful removal and one which can work both for indoor and outdoor use.

Trim Nails Regularly


One of the most important parts of caring for your dog is to trim their nails. This is a necessary part of the dog’s hygiene and something that protects the household. If the nails of your dog grow to be too big you may end up having damaged hardwood floors or torn leather on your furniture. So make sure to trim them as regularly as possible.

If you are not sure how often to do that the easiest way to determine that is by listening. If you start hearing the tapping of the dog’s nails on the surface on which it walks then you know that it is high time for a trim. You also care for the dog’s health at the same time as they won’t get any broken nails and won’t hurt themselves as well.

Doggie Mats

You can’t prevent the dog from getting dirty feet and you certainly can’t wipe its feet every time for it. But what you can do is to add a doggy mat at your front door. You can’t really train your dog to use it so it wipes its feet every time it enters the house but the mat helps to catch a lot of dirt off the dog’s feet as it enters.

You can also add a washable throw rag as well which works pretty much the same. So with the combination of these two items, you can reduce the amount of dirt the dog drags into the house. It is amazing how well it works and you will notice the effects the next time your dog comes running into the house with dirty paws.

Protect the Most Vulnerable Areas


Probably the most dirties area inside the house would be the one where the dog eats. No matter how well-mannered your dog is, you cannot prevent it making a mess while it indulges itself with food. You probably know what we are talking about; crumbs of food scattered all around and splashes of water. Luckily there is a solution for that as well.

In order to contain the chaos before it spreads, just put a rimmed tray under the food and water bowls. It will gather most of the food that remains and will help with the water that splashes. It is much easier to empty the trays after they eat instead of mopping the mess off your floor after each meal.

Invest in a Lint Roller

If you don’t already have a lint roller it is high time that you get one. This is the ultimate cleaning tool that every dog owner, or for that matter pet owner, should have. It is very useful as it helps to clean some hard to reach places and does not require so much effort to use it.

The best way would be to buy different sizes and shapes as you don’t know when you will need it. You can clean pillows, lampshades, the couch, or absolutely anything with it. The house will start looking much better in no time.

Cover Their Favorite Areas

All pets have a favorite area that they like to nap or lay around. You have probably noticed that your dog has picked a spot in the house where it usually goes to where it has nothing else to do. They sometimes lay around there or nap during the day. You cannot force the dog away from that spot but what you can do is to cover it so the dog does not make a mess as it lays there.

Just cover the spot with a piece of cloth or a blanket. The dog will not mind it and will continue using the spot for its naps. But the result will be much different this time around as all the sheddings and dirt will be contained on the blanket.