Prague Ratter: All About The Smallest Dog

Dogs are a beautiful creation of God, and having them is a blessing. They not only make the world a better place but also makes life worth living. It is their unconditional love and care that makes us love them even more. Well, talking ...Read More

Bluetick Coonhounds Breed Info

A Bluetick Coonhound is a sleek and speedy hunting dog. This type of breed has a noble background as they descended from French Grand Bleu de Gascogne and the English Foxhound. Later on, the breed was introduced to the US during colonial times and ...Read More

Mudi Dog Breed Info

A Hungarian herding dog, the Mudi is a popular show dog due to its adaptivity and versatility. An excellent guard and herder, the Mudi can easily handle flocks of up to 500 animals. By nature, it is intelligent, alert and keen. It has a ...Read More

Which are the Best Coon Hunting Dogs?

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What is the Purpose of a Dog’s Dewclaw?

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Are Bullmastiffs Good with Kids?

The Bullmastiff is a large breed of guard dog and family pet. Affectionate, protective and loyal, this muscular dog, however, requires careful and consistent obedience training to bring out positive traits and reduce or eliminate destructive behavior. They love to accompany their families everywhere ...Read More

Komondor Breed Info

The Komondor (Plural in Hungarian, Komondorok), also known as the Hungarian Sheepdog, the Hungarian Commonmop or Mop Dog, is a large Hungarian breed of livestock guardian dog. It has a long corded white coat. The Komondor is a dignified, powerful, long-established breed that has ...Read More

Top 10 Dog Breeds with a Short Lifespan

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