Pomsky Dogs 101


Pomsky Puppy

The Pomsky is one of the ever-growing-in-popularity designer dog breeds that has gained in popularity because it is small and adorable. It’s also intelligent with a big personality.

The pomsky is a mix of two dog breeds that we’re betting you’ve heard of before – the Pomeranian and the Husky, also known as the Siberian Husky. It certainly sounds like an interesting mix right away, doesn’t it?

If You Love A Funny Personality…

Then you’ll love the Pomsky. This dog has a sense of humor and a ton of intelligence. He’s the witty dog of the designer breeds. Many who love Siberian Huskys do so because the breed is comically intelligent. They keep you on your toes and always laughing with their antics. The Pomsky is typically bestowed with this gift, genetically.

Pomeranians can have an air of royalty about them, in Elizabethan fashion, they’ll expect their food on time and for the bowl to be fancy to suit their style. You can also expect your Pomsky to have a bit of this influence as well.

The Breeding of Two Dogs Not the Same Size

You may be wondering how in the world this happens. First of all, the female is always the smaller breed in a mixed dog size pairing, if the mating is planned. Accidents happen and nothing can be done about that, but good breeders don’t dare breed a tiny female to a large male. The reason is perfectly simple. The puppies could take after the father in size and she could find it impossible, if not life-threatening, to carry them to full term. Delivery would also be a challenge that could result in her death at worst and a c-section at best.

Sometimes, planned breedings are done through artificial insemination (AI) as well. This is sometimes done at a veterinary clinic that offers the service but some breeders will do the process themselves. Male dogs who are high caliber are often ‘milked’ for their semen which can be sold to breeders who would like to have pairing from that dog. It’s quite common in the dog breeding world, as well as in horse breeding, to use AI.

In fact, good breeders will do quite a lot of research and choose two dogs that have the temperament, size, color, personality traits, dentition, coat quality, and intelligence that they are looking for. It may be difficult to find the right match and some breeders will only have a new litter available once or twice every five years.

Really reputable breeders don’t have to try to sell their puppies. They’ll have a waiting list because people know that they thoroughly test the parents for possible genetic flaws that could be passed down to pups, breed only the best of dogs, and treat their dogs with the best of care. These breeders will be like your extended family, there to answer questions and help you through the puppy years, and also will have contracts that state they’ll take dogs back and guarantee health.


Make Sure You Like Brushing a Dog

While the Pomsky isn’t necessarily a hard dog to love, it may be hard for some people to love the shedding. Know and be advised that the Pomsky will shed like he has an endless supply of fur. Basically, he does. With the thick, double-coated Husky genes and the long, thick-coated Pomeranian genes, he is guaranteed to have loads of fur.

Your Pomsky will require daily brushing, trips to a groomer every 6 weeks or so for trims, and regular bathing to keep him in top condition. The hair around his rectal area will need to be trimmed regularly to keep ‘things’ from sticking in it. Trust us, this is an issue you don’t want to have. It ends up on your furniture, on your blankets, or worse yet, in your lap.

Intelligence Can Be Challenging

This little dog is really smart. He’s so smart that he may push your buttons from time to time. If you’ve had dogs before, you still may be shocked at what the Pomsky can figure out. The Husky genes in them make them problem solvers. Huskys were bred to be strong work-horses who could think on their feet while pulling a dogsled.

Huskys are notorious for learning how to open doors, kennels, crates, get into any container, cabinet, and room. The only thing that may save you is that your Pomsky will likely be short and more compact than a Husky.

They typically take after the Pom in size, being around 20-22 inches tall, which is somewhat smaller than a Husky, and larger than a Pomeranian who will only typically be 7-12 inches tall at the withers.