Pug: The Most Hilarious Dog On The Planet

What you are going to learn about the pug breed might persuade you to go out and buy one of these delightful little dogs. They are not for everyone, though, as they have a distinct personality and certain characteristics that put some people off. The pug has a long, illustrious history, dating back over two thousand years and has developed into a truly human companion. As lap dogs, pugs are friendly, loyal, and social, good with adults, children, and other dogs.


Interesting Things about Pugs

• Thought to have originated in the orient. There are records as far back as 400BC that indicate the existence of pugs in China.
• Bred to be human companions. Pugs were bred as lap dogs and companions, which is probably why they are regal and confident dogs.
• Favoured by royalty and the upper class. From emperors in China to the nobility in Holland to Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife Josephine, the pug has enjoyed popularity amongst the rich and well to do.

Things You Need To Know About the Pug Breed

• They are noisy dogs. Pugs snort, sniffle, grunt, and snore because of their short noses and compressed faces.
• They are needy. Pugs need constant attention, affection, and company. They are not happy to be left alone to their own devices.
• They have more than their fair share of health problems. Because of the way pugs have been bred, they have large protruding eyes and compressed skulls. This gives them the cute appealing look that attracts many people to the breed, but it is also responsible for eye and respiratory problems. Apart from that, they have weak knees and other health issues.
• They sleep a lot. Pugs love to nap and will spend up to fourteen hours a day doing it.
• They are not energetic dogs. Pugs have trouble cooling down if they get hot so don’t get a pug if you want it to go jogging with you. They can do with a daily walk, but that’s about it.
• They like to explore. Whilst they are not terribly active dogs, pugs have short bursts of energy where they are playful and nosey and will stick their snouts in anywhere.
• They need special care. Pugs shed a lot, despite the fact that their coat is short, so to avoid having dog hair all over the house, they need daily grooming. Their facial folds need regular cleaning and their nails have to be clipped frequently.
• They are not guarding dogs. Pugs love everybody, from the postman to the cat burglar, so if you are looking for a good watchdog, this is something you need to know about the pug breed.
• They are dependable. Pugs have very predictable and stable personalities. They are solid little creatures, both in character and body and you can depend on a pug to be friendly and steadfast to the end.
• They are playful. Pugs have a great sense of humor and love to please. They stay in puppy mode for a long time before settling down.
• They love food. Pugs love to eat, so it is easy to overfeed them. On the other hand, they are easy to bribe with treats.
At the end of the day, the most important thing you need to know about the pug breed is that this dog will love you unconditionally and be a loyal, faithful, and devoted friend.