Puppy Finder


So, you made the decision to bring an adorable puppy into your life. We are so excited for you! As soon to be puppy parents you have most likely thought about what breed melts your heart, the perfect coat color and even the size you would like your new best friend to be as an adult. You have probably even thought about the commitment to that adorable face, Just thing of all the great memories you will have. You may have even thought about how much time you will have to spend with your little.

You may have even done a few internet searches and thought “Man, how do I know my puppy will be healthy? How do I know I’m buying from an ethical puppy breeder?” The breeder site you happen to stumble across in your search will most definitely say they are ethical. But are they? No doubt it can be very overwhelming.

Now what? How do you go about finding the perfect breeder that is not running a puppy mill or a puppy scam?
The Puppy Finder at Preferable Pups. That’s how!

Oh my goodness, can you stand the thought of all those puppy snuggles? They are the best!

At Preferable Pups, we have redefined how you go about the search for a puppy as well as the buying experience. All of our breeders have passed the PawFax verification program. You can learn more about PawFax at www.pawfax.co. We have made finding your adorable puppy easy peasy, by simply just using our Puppy Finder. Our breeders love the Puppy Finder almost as much as they love puppies because it ensures their puppy an ideal match to their forever home.

You will feel confident and comfortable knowing you will not be scammed by an unscrupulous person just wanting to take your money. You can trust you will not be buying from a puppy mill, which is so much more important. They are real jerks that must be avoided at all costs.

So, how does Puppy Finder work, you ask?

Literally, you just click the Puppy Finder button. Then you will answer around ten simple questions that help us match you to the best puppy for you. Our puppy team will then happily go to work for you to find the perfect puppy based on breed, size, activity level, disposition, and even your living space. It really is that simple and of course, it is free.

It’s so simple to use and helps narrow down the perfect breed for you, your family and your lifestyle.

To view our Puppy Finder visit www.preferablepups.com/puppyfinder