A Schnauzer is a German type of a dog which originates from the 15th and 16th century. It belongs to the terrier group of dogs, but its behavior and characteristics are very much not like with your typical terrier dog. The name of the breed is derived from the German word “snout”, which means moustache. And since the Schnauzer has a distinctive kind of an appearance with the moustache like fur on its face, you get the idea why they got this name.


Male Schnauzer

This breed has been classified as a working dog. It has a square built and is fairly robust. The Schnauzer is seen as a very intelligent and alert dog with great agility and strength.

History & Origins

The Schnauzer was a peasant dog at first and was originally used for herding, catching varmint and guarding homes. But during the 19th century, they breed was noticed by people who wanted to show these dog and began standardizing the breed. The first crossbreeding that they did as to mix it with the German Black Standard Poodle. This resulted in a regal appearance of the dog that we see in it today. You can also see some markings from the German Pincher in this dog. All in all, the Schnauzer was divided into three groups in late 19th century. Thus now we have the Giant, Standard and Miniature ones. The standard Schnauzer is still the most widespread breed.


Black Giant Schnauzer

But if we look back into its early most past, we see that the Schnauzer draws some pieces from the grey Wolfspitz and black German poodles. These breeds brought to the early most development of the breed. Today, this type of dog is seen as a very popular pet in Europe. Yet it has still to make its mark in North America.

Schnauzer Characteristics & Temperament

The Schnauzer is a breed which is seen as intelligent, obedient with high energy and agility. It is a working dog and has the properties of one. But what makes it much more useful is its high intelligence. Some people refer to it as a “dog with a human brain.” It truly is such a dog and its ability to learn tricks and excel at dog sports is really unique. But in order to do so you have to have an experience and firm trainer. It can be really easy to train them, but if you want your dog to reach the next step, then specific training is needed.


White Schnauzer

These dogs are very obedient and also protective of their households. Their hereditary instinct is to watch the household of their masters. They are also protective of children and will watch them as well. The dogs can be trained to adapt to certain people and in any case can be very useful companions. But they do require exercise in order to develop. They have lots of energy and great agility. Besides walking them it would be good that they have a lot of exercise. Both physical and mental stimulus is very important for the proper development of your dog.

Appearance, Colors, Size

The Schnauzer is a medium sized dog. They are very unique in their appearance due to their signature fur. You will recognize them for their long moustache and eyebrows on their face. Their coats are stiff and wiry, the same like other wirehaired breeds. Their hairs simply grows, and the do not shed in the same manner as other breeds, so different maintenance is needed. Additionally, their coats are also weather resistant and hypoallergenic.


Gray Standard Schnauzer

As far as their size goes, male Schnauzers are usually between 18 and 20 inches in height. On the other hand female ones grow between 17 and 19 inches. Their weigh is somewhere between 35 and 58 pounds, while females are 30 to 45 pounds.

Schnauzer Health

The Schnauzer is one of the healthiest dogs you would find. Their average lifespan is about 12 years, but there are not many life threatening conditions which might affect them. In fact, only 1% of these dogs have suffered from really serious conditions.


Standard Schnauzer Puppy

Some usual ailments that y can expect include hip dysplasia, some hereditary disease and eye diseases. Luckily, examining the dog and doing a DNA test will help you notice these conditions on time and enable you to help and cure your dog.

Grooming & Shedding

Schnauzers do not shed like regular dogs. Due to their wiry, coarse hair it only grows until it gets too long so it simply stats blowin. This becomes more appearance during their shedding period which happens twice a year. You can easily pull the hair off and strip their coats. This is not painful for the dog and is rather necessary as you live room for new fur to grow.


Miniature Schnauzer

You can also clip or sheer the dog. But remember, if you decide to do that their coats will lose the coarse attributes that they have and will never regain it back. But in all cases, you still have to sheer the hair around their legs and head. Giving your dog a bath is also necessary. If you plan to showcase the dog you can do it more frequently. If not, then only occasional baths are okay. In any case, you should not overdo it. Professional grooming is advised inly if you showcase the dog. Everything else can be done or learned easily.

Schnauzer Price and Breeders

Based on the current market, the price of a Schnauzer ranges from 500 US dollars and goes all the way to 2,700 US dollars. This all depends on the pedigree of the dog and the conditions that they were raised in. Quality breeders are mostly found in Germany and some other wester European countries.


8 Weeks Old Female Schnauzer Puppy

But as far as the North American continent goes, the US has also expanded and there are various ones that breed these dogs.


Nevertheless, rescuing a Schnauzer is very much acceptable to you. If you do not fancy the idea of spending so much money on getting a dog, you can visit some rescue groups and adopt one. There are many dogs without a home and you will be doing them a great service by providing one for them. Groups like Schnauzer Rescue and Adoption and Standard Schnauzer Rescue will provide you with everything that you need when it comes to Schnauzer rescue.