5 Separation Anxiety Solutions for Your Dog


A common complaint dog owners do is their dogs are suffering from separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a common problem for many dog owners. Do you have the same problem with your dog? Are your dogs are suffering from separation anxiety? If yes then you need to be careful right now. Otherwise, this problem will grow up and becomes a large problem. So it has to be sorted out to provide a better life for your dog. We will try to help you by telling you how you can solve the problem.

What Causes Separation Anxiety?

Well, there are many reasons that cause separation anxiety. One of the common reasons is adopting. When you adopt a new dog, it may feel left alone easily. Also, they may miss their previous owner or parents as well. Similarly, when you adopt a new dog and leave him alone when you go to the office or outside the home, it feels left alone for the first time and that can cause separation anxiety as well. Moreover, when you change the routine of your family, it may suffer from this problem. Besides, if your dog is in contact with all the family members all the time and suddenly for any reason, you guys become separated, which can cause separation anxiety. And lastly, if your dog experiences any traumatic events, it can lead it to separation anxiety.

Signs of Separation Anxiety Problem


Now you know why your dog suffers from this problem. But how can you understand your dog is suffering from this problem. What are the symptoms that can tell you that your dog is having this problem? Well, your dog can show many signs. But you need to remember that not all the times these signs will be due to anxiety problems. It can be the nature of your dog. But if your dog shows multiple signs, chances are really high that your dog has this problem.

Any kind of anxious behaviors such as whining, pacing, or trembling when you are not at home or when you prepare to go outside. Besides, destructive acts, such as chewing your shoes or digging your yard or door side, excessive barking, and howling can be some signs of this problem. Even drooling, excessive salivation, or panting or prolonged and desperate attempts to escape are also some signs of this anxiety problem. So whenever you see this problem, you should take the necessary steps as soon as possible.

The Solution to a Separation Anxiety Problem

But what are the steps you can take to solve this problem? Well, there are a lot of solutions you can take and you should take almost all of them to solve this problem. Here are a few tips for you.

1. Crate Training

The crate is a great way to train your dog. You can use a dog crate for separation anxiety easily. It is a great ally to you. A lot of people think it is a crucial thing. But the thing is that if you can use it properly, it will help you teach your dog. Many dogs feel comfortable and safe inside the crate. But you have to make it playful. In that case, you need to put your dog inside the crate when you are at home so your dog can understand it is his home. At the same time, you can keep some toys and chewing things inside the crate so your dog can play there and feel like his home.

2. Exercise


Along with the crate training, you should take your dog for exercise as well. It will help him get a release from stress and anxiety. For that, you can take your dog for a walk just before you go outside or office. Also, you can play with him as well. When you play with him, it will make him tired and you know, tired dogs are calm dogs. That is why it is important to play with your dog and make him tired before you go for work.

3. Reward

The reward can be a good option as well. You can reward your dog when you come back from work. It will make your dog understand that it is a matter of reward. He will feel happy when you leave your home and come back with the reward. The reward can be food, or it can be a toy. No matter what your reward is, it will help him remain calm and also, deal with stress and anxiety.

4. Teach Him to Be Alone When You Are at Home

Also, you can teach him to be alone when you are at home. That means when you are at home, do not keep him near you. Instead, keep him in a separate room when you are at home and it will help him be adjusted to live alone. So keep in the crate and in a separate room with toys and food so that he can easily live without you. It will help your dog to deal with this separation anxiety.

5. Medication

And lastly, if none of these work for you to handle this situation, then you can take proper medication as well. In that case, you should consult with a veteran and he or she will tell you what to do. Medication can be the best solution when none of the above solutions work. Medication should be your last option.


Now you know how you can handle the separation anxiety problem of your dog. So make sure you have followed all these steps to handle this situation. But before that, you need to make sure your dog is suffering from this separation problem and it is not his nature. Because if this is his nature, you cannot get a good solution with these methods. In that case, you should take other steps to change his nature. So make sure you are sure about his problem and follow all the steps I have mentioned to solve his problem and give him a better life.