Sprollie Dog, Breed Info

The Sprollie is a medium-sized hybrid breed cross between an English Springer Spaniel and a Border Collie. The dog is characterized by its friendliness, intelligence, and loyal nature. While in the past they were mainly bred to be working dogs, today, with the growing popularity of crossbreeds, they are now being bred to be household pets as well. However, a Sprollie can be tough to look after. They are very energetic and require lots of daily exercises and mental stimulation. But for those who have the time and dedication, a Sprollie can be the perfect companion.


History & Origins

Although the exact origin of this crossbreed is unknown, the Sprollie likely originated from the United Kingdom decades ago. In the past, the Sprollie was predominantly bred to be a farm dog because of its strong working drive, a trait inherited from its parents.

The Border Collie parent is a breed that was developed on the border of England and Scotland. The Border Collie was specifically bred to work on farms and herd livestock like sheep. In fact, due to its herding prowess, the dog is also known as the Scottish Sheepdog. The other parent breed, the English Springer Spaniel, originated from England, and they were bred to be hunting dogs to flush game.

Nowadays, the Sprollie is particularly desired by people who love to spend time outdoors and also by those who wish to compete in canine sports.

Sprollie Characteristics & Temperament

While their temperament varies depending on the genes they get from their parents, a Sprollie is normally always friendly, playful, and energetic. However, because of their high-energy, if not exercised enough or given constant mental stimulation, a Sprollie will become bored and engage in destructive and noisy behavior. They are therefore unsuitable for individuals who do not have an active lifestyle.

The Sprollie is characterized by its intelligence and ability to learn fast. They love working alongside their owners and pleasing people, making them very easy to train. They also excel in all kinds of canine sports, such as obedience and agility. Even as a puppy, they are incredibly smart and can learn new things quickly.

Although they are energetic throughout their life, their energy level peaks in their puppyhood and adolescence. During this period, their playtime can become boisterous, so a Sprollie is not recommended for families who have children under 6, and interactions with young children should not be unsupervised.

A Sprollie has a high prey drive and they may chase other animals that try to run away. Nevertheless, this is not much of a concern, as they can be trained not to chase after animals.

Due to the Sprollie’s affectionate nature, they are likely to be friendly with all strangers. For this reason, they are not very good watchdogs.

Appearance, Colors, Size


Appearance of an adult, brown-white Sprollie

The Sprollie is a medium-sized dog, having a height ranging from 46 cm to 56 cm, and a weight of around 18 kg to 25 kg.

As the Sprollie is a crossbreed, their appearance can vary, with different traits and coat colors. Despite this, there are certain traits that are found in most Sprollies. Nearly all Sprollies have the Border Collie’s distinct feathered tail with a white tip at the top. They also have fluffy, floppy ears like an English Springer Spaniel’s.

The Sprollie has an athletic build, with a muscular arched neck and strong hindquarters and thighs. Their head is well proportioned to their body and they have broad muzzles.

A Sprollie’s nose is always black or brown, and their eyes can be both dark and light brown colors.

The crossbreed’s coat hue, while it comes in many combinations, is usually black and white or brown and white.

Sprollie Health

A Sprollie has an average life expectancy of 10 to 17 years. The crossbreed has a tendency to be affected by the following health issues and conditions:

  • Ear disorders
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Fucosidosis
  • Phosphofructokinase deficiency
  • Hereditary eye disease and glaucoma
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Epilepsy

Grooming & Shedding

Sprollies have a double coat which helps protect them from cold weather conditions. They will either have a short or medium length coat, and if they have the latter, they will have fluffy, feathered legs similar to a Border Collie.

The coat is easy to maintain, only requiring a brush two to three times a week to keep the fur in good condition and tangle free. However, you will still need to pay extra attention to areas which are more prone to matting, such as the ears and legs.

The Sprollie has moderate shedding and sheds throughout the year.

Sprollie Price and Breeders


Black and white Sprollie puppies

The price of a Sprollie puppy typically depends on the breeder, but generally, the price stays in the range of 300 to 450 dollars.


Currently, there are no well-known U.S. rescue groups specifically for Sprollies. If you are looking to rescue a Sprollie, your best option is to browse websites like petfinder.com to search for Sprollies in your area. You can also use AnimalShelter.org to find rescue shelters near you and visit them to see if they have any Sprollies available for adoption. Rescuing will be cheaper than buying from a breeder, and it is the perfect route if you are specifically looking for an older Sprollie.