Steps You Should Follow Before Giving Grooming Classes to Your Puppy


You always groom yourself whenever you have time. Similar to that, your dog also needs the grooming session. So in this article, there are some easy steps written which will help you to know all the things when you are doing your puppy’s first grooming. If you follow all these steps, you can easily give the grooming session to your puppy.

Grooming session is very much important for a dog. This is because it will help to keep them healthy, neat, and clean. Your puppy always roams outside, so there can be many insects that can attack them. But if you are grooming your dog, then the insects will also not attack them.

There are lots of steps in which you have to take care, including finding affordable grooming shears, before you do the grooming session of your dog. This is important because you have to take extra care of your dog, and if you are doing the grooming session, then you should do it properly. Otherwise, it is useless to do the groom your dog.

Doing all the grooming sessions at home is very much easy, even if your dog has matted hair. You can just groom them with matted dog clippers. Going to a professional pet salon is just a wastage of time.


What Are the Points You Should Follow When Doing Your Puppy’s First Grooming?

The followings are some of the points you should follow when doing your puppy’s first grooming sessions, and they are:

• The first step is that you have to prepare your dog for the grooming session. One of the main ideas is that you should familiarize yourself with the idea of the grooming process. So that they can prepare themselves for the processes, they will be going through. When you are taking your puppy at the salon at that time, they are mentally prepared grooming that will be held on them. So in the house also you have to prepare them.
• The next process will be getting started. In this process, you have to start slowly with little things. In other words, you have to just introduce them to the things which will be used on them. In this step, you have to gain trust of them that nothing will happen. For this, you have to talk to them in a slow voice, cuddle them, or you can even play with them.
• The third process would be that when you should schedule the grooming session. There are lots of people who don’t give any grooming sessions until six months of age. This is just a myth, nothing else. You should give them the grooming session from not more than six weeks old. This is because when the puppies are small, they are very easy to train. Once they grow up, they will be very much stubborn.

These are some of the points you should follow before you do the grooming session of your puppy’s. Another thing you should consider and that is that the pieces of equipment you are using should be very much gentle. The equipment includes light brush and trimmers and dog grooming clippers.

How to Handle Your Puppies at the Time of Grooming Sessions?

As you all know that when the puppies are small, they are very much cute and cuddle. So at the time of the grooming session, you should know how to handle yours with extra care accurately. So the followings are some of the points you should consider to handle your puppies at the time of grooming session, and they are:

• The first step is that you have to hold your hand at the front of your puppy’s nose. When you will do this automatically, your puppies will smell it. After that, you have to give him or her a small morsel of food.
• In the next step, once they are familiar with the smell, you have to start touching your puppy’s body. That includes under the chin, around the collar, shoulder, and back. You have to do this thing quietly and gently.
• If your puppy is scared or starts biting you, then at that, you have to stop this process. But if you don’t do anything, then you have to move to the next step. That includes touching those parts of the area in which your dog is not at all familiar with this — for example, touching the face, top of there head, feat, bottom, and tail.
• The next time, your dog will sleep next to you at that time, you have just to rub your hand at the body of your dog.
• In the next step, you just have to open your hands around your dog and move towards the leg. While you are doing this method, you should stay calm and gentle. While you are doing all these things, your main aim should be to give all the relaxation to your puppy.
• The next step would be that your one hand should be at the top of the leg and the other hand on the foot.
• You have to start touching your dog body that includes ears, eyes, tail, and leg.

These are all the steps to handle your puppies before you are taking them to a grooming session. This should be done so that your puppy can get used to it, and they should start trusting you that you will never do any wrong with them. Start these steps when your puppy is very small. This is because when your dog is small they are not so much naughty and they are also very much comfortable to train.

Introduce Your Pieces of Equipment

Before you are doing the grooming sessions with your puppy, you must introduce all your types of equipment that you are using so that they can be very much familiar with that.
The equipment includes nail clippers, trimmers, scissors, shampoos, and brush or comb.


In this article, you will get all the easy information about how you can handle your puppies. It’s important that before you are taking your puppies to the grooming sessions, you should know how to handle your puppies first. So that your puppy can start trusting you and trust all the types of equipment you are using.