The Most Helpful Indoor Bathroom Solutions For Dogs


Whether you own a young puppy, adult dog, or senior pooch there are times when it may have to go to the bathroom inside the home. Luckily there are several helpful indoor potty solutions you can use to make sure there’s no mess and your home is protected. In fact, many owners choose to teach their pets to use them when going outside isn’t an option. So here are some of the most helpful choices you’ll want to consider.

Not Just For Cats

We all know that a litter box is normally used for cats. However despite what the vast majority of people believe you can also use one as an indoor potty for small dogs. (They are also ideal for a range of other pets too such as ferrets for example.) In fact, it’s quite surprising that more people don’t have their pooches using them.

Not only does the actual litter box keep the waste contained but the kitty litter inside of it helps to absorb urine and any smells just like it does with cat waste. And when it comes to disposal you can simply use your kitty litter scoop to scoop up any waste and throw it away in a plastic bag without any mess. Who would have thought?


Pampers Offer Protection

Diapers are so good at their job that no parents in this day and age would even think about raising a baby without them. Luckily doggie parents have the option to use the same protection for the pets with doggie diapers. Like with babies pampers for dogs are often used with younger dogs that have not been fully housetrained.

They are also a favorite of dog owners for using female canines that have not been spayed and have come into heat. This helps to ensure that they don’t have to deal with any blood or staining in the home because of it. Diapers are used for older pets that may have an issue controlling their bladder due to their age or related health issues as well.

Pads Have Multiple Uses

Like their name suggests puppy pads are pads designed for puppies. More specifically they are used to help housebreak them. These pads are super convenient. They are placed on the floor and pets go to the bathroom right on top of them. The puppy pads absorb urine while at the same time protecting the floor underneath. While they are generally used for puppies, many owners choose to train their adult dogs to use them as well. That way their pets can have somewhere to do their business indoors when the weather’s bad or when the owner will be away for many hours at a time.


Turf With Benefits

One of the most natural-looking indoor potty options is actually mats or pads made to look like grass. Grass pads look similar in appearance to actual grass and can give the dog the feeling as if it’s going to the bathroom out on the lawn. The artificial turf is designed so that the urine flows through the mat and out the bottom where it is collected in a tray underneath.

And that tray can be emptied in a toilet and flushed or dumped outdoors for easy disposal. Mats are often used for young pups but also for adult dogs of all sizes as well. When used for male dogs typically a pee post such as a dog fire hydrant is placed on top of the mat. This allows male dogs to raise their leg and urinate just as they would outdoors. Adding a fire hydrant for dogs to pee on also adds a bit of humor to indoor potty spots as well. Doggy hydrants are made from a range of materials such as plastic, resin, and metal.