The Positive Effects of Cannabis and CBD treatment for Dogs


Numerous studies have already conducted a whole bunch of issues on the positive effects of cannabis and CBD oil. Many of them have shown great results in treating certain conditions. We all know that both marijuana and CBD oil are highly effective when it comes to relieving pain and inflammation.

However, certain additional studies have revealed that CBD and cannabis can be used to treat people with anxiety and arthritis. There are even some studies where marijuana is used for treating Parkinson’s disease.

But, cancer is the biggest problem and is the biggest loss of modern medicine. Doctors have been fighting a losing battle for a long time now and marijuana and CBD have been the only ray of hope in dealing with it in recent times.

CBD and marijuana treatments have been recently used in treating the same condition with dogs. There are certain studies that have proven to be effective and have shown positive signs of treating your pet with CBD or cannabis.

CBD Dog Treatment

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is naturally found in cannabis but does not contain high amounts of THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is the part that gets you high, and since CBD doesn’t have it you are not going to get high of it. You just experience the positive healing effects that it has.

When it comes to treating dogs studies show that it can help relieve pain and treat arthritis with dogs. It also proved effective in calming dogs down and helping them relax.

When it comes to cancer, both CBD marijuana have displayed positive results.

There are numerous positive effects of marijuana on dogs when it comes to treating tumors and cancer. However, it cannot cure it completely or make it disappear, but what it can do is slow its development and prevent it from spreading depending on the type of cancer. It also helps when it is used as a prevention method.

CBD and marijuana also help with the negative effects of cancer treatment and chemotherapy. It can help with nausea and vomiting as well.

Official FDA approvals are not yet available so it is hard to find a legal prescription for this type of treatment for your dog.


How Can I Get a Prescription?

When it comes to getting a prescription for Marijuana and CBD treatment for your dog, it is very hard to obtain one. Since FDA has not approved it for use on pets or dogs, veterinarians are reluctant in prescribing it.

This is specifically the case in states where marijuana is still illegal. However, CBD is completely legal and all stats and people can get it in various stores.

However, when it comes to using it for pets veterinarians still cannot prescribe CBD oil officially for treating a dog. Those who advise clients to use it can even get penalized for that.

Although some states, like California, look at this with much more freedom, don’t expect every veterinarian to go along.

Ways to Give CBD to a Dog

CBD oil for pets can be administered in many ways. The same as it goes for humans, different ways of consumption can have different effects on dogs.

One sure method is administrating it orally through food or treats. This is where it has the best and fastest effect. Of course vaping is not an option with dogs.

There are gels and creams which can be applied to the skin directly or an area that hurts but this is only effective when treating physical or external injuries or problems.

How Do I Know if it Works?

There is a really simple method in determining if marijuana or CBD treatment works. If your dog is not startled by something that usually disturbs it, then it is very likely that it is effective.

For instance, if after administering your pet with CBD oil there is a loud noise, like fireworks and it does not get too startled by it, it more than likely works.

Also, if your dog is jumping and moving around freely after using it to relieve pain or arthritis, it means that it sure does work.

Unfortunately, the effects of CBD on cancer are much harder to determine and will require professional help to determine.

The Takeaway

Using CBD and Marijuana is the only method that has proven to have certain effects on cancer treatment so far. It still cannot stop it or cure it completely, but there are positive results that leave us with a glimmer of hope.

Further research is required and experts are doing their best to continue doing it.

For now, using it for your dog is useful and does not have negative effects and can only be helpful in making your favorite pet feel better.