Tips for Feeding Your Canine Vegetarian & Vegan Dog Food Brands


Are vegan dogs a completely new thing? Actually, it is more common than you may think. Your first impression may be that dogs are carnivores and that it is impossible for them to survive on a plant-based diet. This is completely not true! Dogs CAN survive by eating vegan food and it is the reason why many dog owners decided to switch their dogs to eating vegan dog food.

Actually, there are plenty of reasons that support the idea of changing your dog’s diet. As stated by Latest Vegan, the most obvious reason is dog allergies. Dogs can be allergic to certain types of meat and can cause them to have allergies. More so, meat can be contaminated and in some cases contains bacteria if not thoroughly processed. This can lead to your dog getting sick and having health problems. Additionally, some dogs, although rarely, don’t even like the taste of meat. So it makes sense to change their diet a bit.

If you are thinking about changing your dog’s diet to a plant-based one instead of a meat-based one, here are some tips that can help you make that decision.

Vegan Dog Food Uses Fresh Ingredients


Vegetarian dog food is usually made from fresh food sources. Opposed to commercial dog food, which claims that they use essential meat products, vegan dog food is made out of entirely plant-based food sources. Commercial pet food brands usual add fillers to their products, like byproducts and preservatives, which are not good for your dog.

Vegan dog food does not use any of these by-products and is completely safe for your furry friend. The ingredients are all-natural and you can be sure that the vegan food you give your dog to eat is completely organic.

Improve Your Dogs Health

In many ways, commercial dog food is the cause of your dog getting sick. As we already mentioned, some dogs can be allergic to certain types of meat without you knowing it. Additionally, meat is filled with bacteria and will most certainly hurt your dog. This is where a vegan-based diet comes in handy.

Your dog will most certainly improve its health after switching to this type of diet. It reduces skin parasites and enhances the health of the dog’s coat. It can also minimize reactions from food tolerance and in some cases even reduce symptoms of diabetes, arthritis, urinogenital disease, and cataracts. More so, it helps your dog not getting too obese.

Cruelty Towards Animals

Switching your dog to a plant-based diet minimizes potential animal slaughter. If your dog eats meat or meat-based dog food, that you should be aware of where the food came from. If you are a sensitive person and do not like knowing or hiring about animals getting killed than plant-based food is the solution.

Dog good is usually produced from animals that are kept on farms and are treated in good conditions. But you cannot always be certain. The fact still remains that an animal has to die in order for you to feed your dog. If you are vegan yourself and have switched to a vegetarian diet because of that, it is enough of a reason for your dog as well.

What to Look for in Good Vegan Dog Food?


Unfortunately, vegan-based dog food is still not as popular as you might think. But the market and the need for it is going up so it makes sense that it will develop further in the near future. The owners still have to be aware of certain things when shopping for vegetarian dog food for your pet.

In order to maximize the digestion of plant-based products make sure that the food contains natural and wholesome ingredients. Make sure that it has plenty of plant protein, at least 22%. Your dog also needs a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Look for these in your doggy food for a better coat. Finally, make sure that it has whole grains and digestible carbohydrates as this is key for your dog’s stomach.

No More Bad Smells

Using vegan dog food also eliminates the bad smell that comes from leftover dog tins. This is completely aesthetic and does not have to do a whole lot with your dog. But it is a major factor in keeping your house clean. By not using meat-based products to feed your dog you immediately eliminate all those nasty odors that come from tins.

It also makes your fridge smell better. Some dog foods have a strong odor that does not suit humans. This is not the case with the vegetarian dog food as it does not contain meat, hence it does not give a funny smell.