Tips on How to Get the Right Turtle Tanks

Some of the fascinating animals to keep as pets are turtles. Since turtles spend most of their time in the water, one way of ensuring that your pet stays comfortable is getting them the right tank. So, today we are going to look at tips on how to get the right turtle tanks.

Though turtles don’t come with huge maintenance costs, they need some excellent environment that will make life comfortable for them.

One of the crucial things you need to consider is how right your turtle tank fits your pet. Just like all other pets, the turtles need a clean environment with enough space.
In that case, we focus on tips for getting the best turtle tank that will not stress your turtles in any way.

Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Turtle Tank

Without a doubt, getting the right turtle tank is among the essential things you have to do when you want to keep turtles as pets. Actually, it will not only be the home to your pet, but it will be its world.

Therefore, you need to understand your turtle’s needs so that you can choose the best in terms of functionality but still within your budget range. So, what do you look for when getting a turtle tank? Let’s have a look.

Consider the Tanks Size

Unlike snakes and the fish, turtles require more space since they are quite playful. Actually, apart from swimming, turtles also will want to bask, play hide and seek, and they will still need to eat. Without a doubt, turtles will need more space.

So, how do you get the right turtle tank for your lovely pets?

Well, the most straightforward strategy to help you get the right tank size is by multiplying the turtle’s shell length by 10. The answer you get will be the capacity of the ideal tank in gallons.

Quality of Material

When choosing a turtle tank, it will never be right if the material is wrong. First, you need to consider how safe the tank is and how long it can last. You need to consider how much pressure the tank can hold without breaking.

Notably, there are glass aquariums that happen to be the most popular. Unfortunately, they are heavy and pro prone to breaking. On the other hand, you will find acrylic tanks that are lighter in weight and not as prone to breakage as glass is.

Definitely, their prices also differ.

Turtle Species

Though we found that you can find the size of your tank by doing some simple calculation, you also need to consider the animal’s species. Specifically, some species grow bigger than others.
In that case, if you have a baby turtle, it will definitely grow big with time. Therefore, you need to research the species and see how big its members grow.

Once you have done your research, work out the size of your tank using the average extent of adult turtles. This will avoid the need to get a bigger tank when the turtle is all grown.

Ease of Cleaning

Like any other pet, turtles will need a clean environment to live in. In the wild, the ecosystem has a way of balancing itself. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with aquariums.

Notably, turtles usually have dirty water more than fish do. Therefore, you will need a tank that will be easy to clean and maintain.

Specifically, you need to avoid going for anything with so many crannies and nooks.


The Tank Should Have Enough Basking Dock

Although turtles spend most of their time in the water, they will always bask in direct sunlight. Actually, the UV light is essential for the survival of turtles.

First, UV light enhances the turtle’s moods and keeps the animals happy. Also, these reptiles need to bask daily so that they grow healthy and strong. UV light also helps in feeding and breeding.

Therefore, the right turtle tank should have enough basking area. Also, it should have the necessary lighting to provide the required intensity of natural light.

Additional Accessories

To maintain the right environment in the tank, you will need to install some accessories such as heaters and filters.

First, turtles are cold-blooded, and the temperatures in their surroundings affect how their body systems work. Also, as we had noted earlier, the water in a turtle tank gets dirty easily.

Actually, turtles are in the record as some of the messy pets you ever keep. Therefore, a filter for turtle aquariums will help to clean up the water.

so, when choosing a tank, go for one that allows you to easily install heaters and other necessary components


Turtles are some of the easiest pets to take care of. All the same, you need to ensure that their environment is safe and as conducive as possible.

First, you need to ensure that the tank is big enough not to stress your pet turtle. Other than that, the other most crucial part of a turtle tank is the basking area. Make sure the turtle tank has enough space that is conducive for basking and drying.

If natural light isn’t enough, the tank should allow for easy fitting of UV lights over the basking area.

Obviously, the tank should be safe, long-lasting, and within your budget.