Top 10 Dog Breeds with a Short Lifespan

A dog is a man’s best friend. Unfortunately, you are not going to be able to keep your dog for the entirety of your life. Most dogs don’t have a large lifespan as you would hope them to. The best that you can hope is around 20 years, and that too is a stretch.

Being larger does not necessarily mean being stronger and in the dog world, it also means a shorter lifespan. Owners of bigger dogs should know that this is going to be an issue at some point and that they are not going to keep them for long. Some owners form such an attachment that they choose to euthanize their dogs at home as they don’t want to cause added stress with all the unfamiliar faces around them.

Even though it is sad, it is the way of life. So let’s count out some of the dogs that have the shortest lifespan.

Scottish Deerhound


The Scottish Deerhound is the Royal Dog of Scotland and has a very high prey drive. These types of dogs are very active when they are small. Up until 3 or 5 years, they will be running around all the time, but as they get older they also become lazier, Unfortunately. They only live about 9.5 years on average.


People usually associate Rottweilers as police dogs. These types of dogs are large in size and you should have a big fence around it if you own one. They have fluctuating energy elves and can be extremely energetic or extremely lazy. They live for around 9.5 years.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard is a very large breed of dog and they can get up to 180 pounds in weight. However, they are most famous for rescuing stranded people from the clutches of the Swiss Alps. Their average lifespan is 9 years.


The Newfoundland is named after the province of Canada. It too is a fairly big and strong dog and is very useful. The Newfoundland is a working dog as well as a protection dog but they also feature other traits as well. Their lifespan is unfortunately around 9 years.



Male Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff is a great family dog and is nice to have around the house. However, due to its size, it is hard to keep it indoors and should be specifically kept outside, preferably with a high fence. A Bullmastiff can live up to 9 years.

Great Dane


Harlequin Great Dane

Don’t be fooled by the size of a Great Dane dog. They are the tallest dogs in the world but they are also really sweet. Some call them gentle giants and they are very loyal and affectionate animals that love to play. Unfortunately, they will live up to 8.5 years.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

A Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, or Swissie for short, is a working type of dog. It is very useful as it is a string and is able to excel in dog sports. They are more than capable of pulling carts, herding cattle, but also are great guard dogs. However, their lifespan is limited to only 8 years.



English Mastiff

English Mastiff is a type of dog which’s breed dates back to some 5,000 years in the past. They are probably the biggest dogs in the world and they can weigh up to 220 pounds. But as mentioned, being big does not mean long life and a Mastiff only has 8 years to live.

Irish Wolfhound


Another gentle giant that hairs from Ireland, the Irish Wolfhound is a big dog and it too owes its short lifespan to its size. It is a loyal and admirable dog that will stand by its master’s side at all times. But it only has 7 years to do so.

Bernese Mountain Dog


Male Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a very affectionate and loyal type of dog breed. They are also very intelligent and eager to please their masters. The biggest problem with the Bernese is that its gene pool is getting smaller and smaller and they might be facing extinction at some point. It also does not help that they are able to live up to 7 years.