Top 9 Tips To Keep Your Cat Healthy!


Almost one million cats risk getting euthanized. Thanks to the rapid multiplication of cats with no place to shelter them. You should learn about neutering and deadly viruses, too. For instance, you are neutering before sexual maturation is crucial.

Cat owners feel that there might be nothing much left to know about taking care of cats. And, they often think about their cat’s well-being. Is there anything clever that cat owners need to do to improve their pet’s lives? In this post, we will learn about the nine tips to keep your cat healthy.

1. Keep your cat inside

The cat, which keeps loitering outside all the time, has an average lifespan of two and a half years. And, the cats that stay inside the house live to see twenty years or more. Don’t put your cat at risk from the outside hazard like any disease, wild animal, car, and evil human.

2. Neuter your cat

The cat which is not neutered will definitely go outside to mate. And, no, creating your cat’s own litter isn’t helping the cats worldwide.
Several big cities are facing the issue of massive cat numbers. Most cities you travel worldwide have cats loitering around. No one to take care of them! And, the cats seem to multiply more in those cities. Help the cats of the world by spaying your cat.

As mentioned earlier, dangerous vectors live in stray cats and dogs. For instance, your cat risks infections from the feline immunodeficiency virus or FIV and the feline leukemia virus or FLV. You must neuter the cat when it is young like near eight weeks.

3. Brushing your cat


If you brush your cat at consistent intervals, it will create fewer hairballs, hair fall, and of course, stop any matting. Plus, you create a stronger bond with your cat by taking part in the brushing.

4. Hydrating your Cat

Check always that your cats get plenty of water. Water makes the majority of your cat’s body. The cat gets a big part of the water from its food. Hence, you can add wetter cat foods to hydrate the cat.

5. Changing your cat’s toy

Your cat will get bored if it uses only a few toys. Place all the toys in a closed area. And, offer a new toy from that area each time you feel like it is time for a new toy. You must also take part in play activities with your cat. Cats will lose interest in you if you don’t play with them. Playing each day will keep your cat out of disorders.

6. Cleaning your cat’s litter box every day

A clean litter box for your cat can easily keep your cat healthy. The other advantage is that you get to check your cat’s stools and toilet habits. It can help you monitor if there is coloration in the urine and changes in the stool. Such monitoring also allows you to give your cat faster treatments.

7. Never feed your cat any toxic food


Your cat can never digest the food that is conditioned for humans. Food like milk-based ones is toxic to cats. Also, speak with the vet in regards to questions such as can cats eat chocolate? Try to stick with feline food for feeding your cat.

8. Providing the scratch post

Don’t give your cat the furniture and similar house items for scratching. Cats scratch to sharpen and file their claws. Spare the furniture and give your cat the scratch post. The post acts like a territory marker, too.

9. Taking your cat to the Vet and Monitoring


Is your cat displaying strange habits that are driving you crazy? Then, it is time to search for the reason behind the odd habit. Only when you monitor the cat can you guess the reason behind these habits. To discipline your cat, use humane ways. Don’t punish your cat! Such punishments will weaken your bond with your cat.

Now, only a vet can find out about other odd habits and signals from your cat. Taking your cat to the vet each month or term is crucial. Find the disorder or disease soon through the vet examinations.

Added Information that You Must Consider!

  • We hope that the above tips will keep your cat healthy always. Nine tips to save your cat’s nine lives. Check this final list for some extra information to help your cat further:
  • Consistent vet checking allows your cat to improve its health and immunity.
  • Vet-check-ups help your cat to get dewormed and vaccinated
  • Proper annual medical check-up keeps any lice, tick, and parasite at bay.
  • If your cat belongs to a special breed, then, you must do an exclusive checking-up.
  • You get the right guidance according to exclusive breeds. These breeds need consistent checking and vaccinating routines.
  • A special breed can be more costly to maintain, too.

About the author:

Hey, I’m Linda Butts, the girl behind Pawsome Talk. With my I hope to share ideas and techniques from my personal experiences of what I have done with my pet research and what I love about pets and their lives.