Toy Poodle

A Toy Poodle is a water dog which descents from the French Barbet. Generally speaking, a Toy Poodle is the same as a Standard Poodle but it has just been shrunk in size for the purposes of being a lap dog and a prestigious dog for royalty. It draws origin from both France and Germany, but most people relate it to France.


White Toy Poodle

When the standard poodle was developed they shrunk it down to a Miniature and a Toy poodle. All three of them are essentially the same type of dog with the same characteristics with the only difference being their size.

Toy Poodle History & Origins

The Toy Poodle draws its origin from France and Germany. It is not entirely sure which country is the official origin of the Poodle because it has ties to both of them. It was brought to France in 14th century as it was developed from a breed of dog called the French Water Dog, which is now extinct. There is also a connection with the Hungarian Water Hound as well. Nevertheless, the name is German as it was derived from the German world “Pudel” which means “one who plays in water”. The poodles were used as gun dogs as they were quite capable of retrieving prey when it was shot to their masters.


Cream Toy Poodle Puppies

But somewhere along the line Poodles became dogs that were seen in courts with French royalty. Due to their loveable and fun nature as well as high intelligence they were worshiped by the royalty of the period. So at some point the Poodle became a status symbol for the rich. Later they were also used as circus performers as they were able to perform a lot of tricks as they were highly trainable. Toy Poodles were developed from Standard Poodles as they were deliberately shrunk in size to make them more attractive. Toy Poodles in particularly were used in courts by many women. Beside the Miniature Poodle, there are also Teacup Poodles and Klein Poodles which were developed for the same purpose.

Characteristics & Temperament

Generally speaking, Toy Poodles are very intelligent dogs, perhaps one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. This makes them very obedient and highly trainable dogs. They are lively, energetic and cheerful and can be sweet as well as likeable to humans. These dogs are a great family pet as well as being great watch dogs. They are mostly kept at home and enjoy the indoors. But due to their high energy levels they enjoy running around and jumping. This is why you need to take them on walks and provide them with the necessary exercises. They do tend to bark all too often but this too can be trained.

When training this dog, you have to establish who the pack leader is. If you do not establish yourself as an early pack leader, your dog may become disobedient and will tend to snap and even bite. But if you do everything well you will get a pretty good family dog and pet. Toy Puddles are great companions for children and they enjoy the company of people in general. They will form an attachment with their families and will be extremely loyal to them.

Toy Poodle Appearance, Colors, Size

Toy Poodles are usually square in their appearance. Approximately, they have the same height as their length. They possess a moderately rebounded skull with a stop at the muzzle. The dog also possesses rounded eyes that are set far apart and can be either black or brown. They also have long and flat ears that hand on the side of the head close to it. The front and the side legs are in proportion based on the height of the dog. They also carry their tails high. The Toy Poodle also possesses Declaws, which can be removed if the owner wants it to.

When it comes to size, the Toy Poodle is obviously smaller than the Miniature and the Standard Poodle. It is the smallest one of the bunch and they have been specifically bred to grow about 10 inches in size and can weigh 6 to 9 pounds.


Black Toy Poodle

Toy Poodles come in all solid colors black, blue, silver, gray, cream, apricot, red, white, brown or café-au-lait. Also available are parti-colored poodles that some breeders tend to breed. But these ones are not standardized by any organza ion and are deemed void for shows.


A Toy Poodle has quite a long life expectancy compared to other Poodles. Actually both the Toy and the Miniature poodle have similar lifespans and can live up to 14 to 15 years which is pretty good. The leading cause of death for Toy Poodles was actually old age with the second one being kidney failure.

But there are still other conditions which affect them and cause problems for the breed. The issues that you need to be aware are slipped stifle, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disorders, PRA, runny eyes, ear infections and digestive tract problems. Mind you, these are all possible but not necessary, meaning that your particular dog may not suffer from these conditions at all.

Toy Poodle Grooming & Shedding

Grooming a Toy Poodle may require a lot of work. They are low shedders as their hair only tends to grow and not really shed. Their hair is also hypoallergenic which is great news for the people who have allergies but want to have a dog. Nevertheless, the hair needs to be clopped every six to eight weeks. Owners can easily learn to do it and there are even different scissors specifically for clipping Poodles. But if you want to show your dog and have bought it mainly for that kind of a purpose, you can always hire a professional groomer to do that.


Red Toy Poodle

Also important is bathing. Frequent baths are allowed, but still do not tend to overdo it. Try to find a particular shampoo which will not affect the dog’s body odor too much. Also, make sure to clean the dog’s eyes and ears. Keeping them neat will ensure that no infections happen and that you prevent unnecessary rashes.

Price and Breeders

A Toy Poodle in not a cheap dog. If you add to that a favorable pedigree you get a dog which would be really pricy according to some standards. The average price of a Toy Puddles is around 2,000 dollars but it can easily go higher than that. Luckily, there are a lot of breeders in all major country with France lading in Europe and the US in North America.


7 Weeks Old Toy Poodle Puppy

Toy Poodle Rescue

But buying a toy poodles is not your only option. Rescuing or adopting one is also offered for you. This is a different way to find what you are looking for and a way for you to get a dog that you need in an easier way. Search for your dog with organization called Poodle Club of America which helps these dogs to find a better home for them.