The Vizsla is a middle size breed of dog originating from Hungary and belonging to the pointer group of hound. It is an excellent hunting dog and people prefer to use it due to their size and intelligence. It is the smallest of the pointer breeds but is also probably the most well rounded retriever out of all other hunting dogs.


Vizsla in Huntings

This dog breed is a natural hunter and it possesses natural instincts for hunting and a great nose. It was bred to work in the field, forest and water. They are very affectionate and loyal. You may also know them by the name Hungarian or Magyar Vizsla and the Hungarian Pointer.

History & Origins

Vizsla dogs actually have a specific place in Hungarian history. They were used for hunting centuries ago by the primitive people that settled in the land. The Magyr tribes that lived in the area used them as falcons together to find and hunt their prey. Warlords and Barons of the area maintained the purity of the breed and kept it clean from other breeds for a very long time. They saw the value in this dog and were proud of having it.


Vizsla Female

Unfortunately, many wars that befell these lands also brought to the number of Vizsla dogs dissipating. They managed to survive, but their resistance started dwindling during the WWII. The breed was mixed with other dogs such as English Pointers and German Shorthaired Pointers and at one point brought to almost an extinction of Vizsla dogs. Only a dozen remained in the country, but after the war ended enthusiasts and breeders managed to find the pure bred dogs and raise their numbers. Today, there are many such breeders of pure Vizsla dogs not only in Hungary but also in Romania, Serbia and Austria where this dog is highly valued.

Vizsla Characteristics & Temperament

A Vizsla is a very intelligent and highly affectionate dog. They are loyal and have a lot of energy but are also extremely gentle dogs. They form a quick attachment with their owner and even children, but can do the same with stranger. Nevertheless they can be trained to be great guard dogs and will in that case protect their pack by barking at people toward they feel are invading and causing a threat to the pack.


Vizsla Male

Due to their inbred ability to be pointer and retriever hounds, these dogs are highly trainable. You can teach them to become great family dogs as well but you need to do it gently. You should not impose any strong physical connection and harsh language when training them and they will respond quite well that way. But, you should not neglect them as they tend to whine when they have to company. Their high energy levels also need to be maintained so make sure you give them a lot of exercise and allow them to go for walks. They actually prefer running more and most of times they do not even mind going swimming.

Appearance, Colors, Size

Vizsla dogs are medium height and have a distinguishable appearance and bearing. They are lean dogs but are rather robust with a light built. You can see how active they are based on their muscles and they also share some physical characteristics with the Weimaraner.

Standardized coat colors of Vizsla hounds include solid golden-rust color that comes in different types and shadings. Additionally, there are some examples where the coat of the dog is completely solid rust. Standardized features of the coat mean that it has to be short, smooth, dense and close-lying and no wooly undercoat.


Standardized Coat Colors of Vizsla

The average height of a male Vizsla hound is between 22 and 25 inches and their weight is between 45 and 66 pounds. Females are a bit smaller and they come in 21 to 24 inches of height and weigh approximately 40 to 55 pounds.

Vizsla Health

According to the reach conducted about the Vizslla hounds, their average lifespan comes just about short of 10 years. Nevertheless, they are robust and pretty healthy dogs. But there have been some congenital issues and defects. This brought to the majority of them being affected with a lot of similar conditions.

As an owner of a Vizsla you have to be mindful about Hip dysplasia, Canine epilepsy, Canine epilepsy, hypothyroidism and dwarfism. But the leading cause of death still remains cancer as most Vizsla dogs die from it.

Grooming & Shedding

A Vizsla is not hard to maintain at all. They are not heavy shedders and require little maintenance. What you are required to do is to brush them a few times a week and it is best to do it with a rubber brush. This will remove the dead hair and keep them coat neat. You should also clean their feet as they tend to put their paws into their mouth which could cause health problems.

Get them used to grooming while they are still puppies so they do not mind it when they get older. These dogs do not have a distinctive doggy smell to them so frequent baths are not necessary. Occasionally you can do it when the dog gets really dirty. Other forms of grooming should be cleaning their teeth and clipping their nails.

Vizsla Price and Breeders

The Vizsla is a highly valued dog and they have proven themselves to be as such. These dogs can be found in all areas where hunting is popular. Thus its home country of Hungary is not the only place where you can find quality breeders. Many areas known for hunting will have quality breeders where you can purchase quality dogs. Their price is also representable as a single puppy costs between 1,000 and 1,500 dollars.


Five Weeks Old Vizsla Puppy


Finding a Vizsla hound is now much easier and attainable to most people. Rescue groups exist for the purpose of saving these hounds and are close to you whenever you want to adopt one. Just look what organizations such as Vizsla Canada Adoption and Vizsla Club of America Rescue are doing and you will see the value of it. Contact them for more information and find a dog to rescue today.