What is the Importance of Biofilm and Infusoria in an Aquarium?



Biofilm is a collection of diatoms, bacteria, fungi, algae, and other multi-cellular organisms that form a layer on any surface submerged in water.

In an aquarium, biofilm is commonly found on aquarium mosses, as mentioned on Aquarzon.com. Aquarzon propagates a wide variety of aquarium mosses.

Formation of Biofilm

Formation of Biofilm is easy and inexpensive as it is considered to be a general strategy of bacteria to survive in nature. Biofilm, a collection of natural bacteria sense the change of growth conditions or environmental cues and adhere to the surface of solid phase, where they grow, aggregates themselves and form biofilm.

Biofilm can be formed by simply putting few leaves in a bucket of water for around a week and after a week check the leaves. All your leaves will be slimy compared to before, this is biofilm.

Also, you can get shrimp food by grounding dried Nettle, Dandelion, and Pollen into a fine powder, this is also a biofilm food for your shrimps and fish fry.

Importance of Biofilm


Biofilm are very important as shrimp and fish fry feed on these biofilm, it is a major part of their food. Biofilm happens naturally. Biofilm are one of your shrimps and fish fry’s favorite foods.  

In an aquarium environment, biofilm can be found on everything though we cannot see it. Biofilm actually provides grazing area to shrimps and fish fry.

Just remember to feed this stuff in moderation as you do not want to pollute the tank.


Another very important shrimp food is Infusoria, most commonly known as microscopic organisms that lived in freshwater. However, there is a large number of organisms that could be in an infusoria such as Algae (Volvox), Amoebas, Paramecium, Euglena, Rotifers, Vorticella etc.

Culturing Infusoria

Home culturing or growing infusoria is relatively easy and inexpensive. For that, all you have to do is take a jar add some aquarium water to it and add some nutrients such as blanched lettuce, or banana peel, or grass, or boiled rice etc., to the aquarium water, making sure that the used nutrients are free of pest.

Keep the jar under sunlight for few weeks for infusoria to grow. Gradually the water will become cloudy, you can see Infusoria moving in the jar. Now you can feed the fry’s their favorite food.

Importance of Infusoria


Infusoria is an important food for shrimps and fish fry. Any aquarist who is attempting to have aquarium at home, he/ she should know that these microorganisms are particularly critical for anyone who is attempting to breed fish. Every aquarist should know that most of the newly hatched fry depend entirely on these microscopic organisms called infusoria during the early days of their lives.

If an aquarist has a ready supply of infusoria and biofilm for the shrimps and fish fry it can tremendously make the difference in the growth of fish fry as fish fry solely depend on these organisms in the initial period of their life span.

Also, complete hatching of young fry depends only on these organisms in the aquarium. Culturing infusoria and biofilm at home is easy and inexpensive, any aquarist can do it.