What Makes Dachshunds the Best Dog Breed to Own

Some call them Sausage Dogs while others refer to them as Wiener Dogs. Some even like the name Hot Dog Dogs, which sounds hilarious. But we all agree to call them Dachshunds, which in a way translates as badger dogs. But we can all agree that Dachshunds are probably the best type of dogs to own.

A Dachshund is a very fun breed to have around. They do not only have a unique appearance compared to other dogs, but they are also quite unique in their nature. If you have ever owned a Dachshund you probably know what we are talking about.

But if you haven’t you should try spending some time with one to understand us better. If you really want to see how good they are you can go to a breeder that offers Dachshund puppies for sale in Alabama.


If you still need some more convincing about why you should get a Dachshund, there are some more facts about them being the best dog in the world.

Let Start With Their Appearance

Dachshunds are generally recognized by their appearance. Their elongated bodies with short legs are the result of breeding which made them perfect hunting dogs when chasing their prey into a hole. This is the major reason these dogs are today called Sausage Dogs or Wiener Dogs.

Most people don’t realize that Deckhands come in a variety of colors and not just the basic brownish one. You can find red ones, a combination of black and tan, cream, chocolate, solid black, Isabelle (grey or blue color) and even white. You can actually make your pick as they are so versatile when it comes to color.

Their coats are also quite versatile, so you can choose a different type of coat, not just the color. Actually, there are three different types of coats that are accepted today and they include short hair Dachshunds, long hair ones and wirehair types. It is also good to know that you can also make out the personality of a Dachshund based on its coat. The shorthair ones tend to be more stubborn, while the longhaired ones are humbling and very sweet. But if you want an energetic one, then a wirehaired one is best suited for you.

Dachshunds come in different sizes as well. There are three that you can choose from; the mini-sized ones, the standard version, and the twenties which is somewhere in between. A mini Dachshund weighs about 12 pounds and is most popular in the US. The standard version is about 32 pounds and is widely used in Germany. The tweenie, on the other hand, is a standard version of a Dachshund in the UK.


Dachshunds are Crazy

Dachshunds have a very unique kind of personality that can only be described as being crazy. We do mean this in the best and most positive way possible. As all smaller breeds of dogs tend to do, so do Dachshunds try to make their presence known. They are really curious and adventurous dogs but can be stubborn at times. But remember that a Dachshund is a very smart dog as well.

Due to these characteristics, Dachshunds can be very amusing to hand around with. Sometimes it really seems like they want to amuse their owners or the people around them. Hanging around them will most likely lead to some kind of a comical situation which you will die laughing from. You might even say that a Dachshund is a dog with a real sense of humor.

Please Cuddle Me

A Dachshund sometimes displays a cat-like behavior. Although they don’t like being carried in your arms or a purse, they will absolutely adore spending time with you. From the second of getting a Dachshund, you should know that the couch is their domain from now on. The only thing that you need to do is to cuddle them regularly and provide belly rubs. They love to relax and will often time pull the owners to join them and lying on the couch all day long.

Dachshund Puppy

Still, They are Pretty Energetic

Even though they like a lazy day from time to time, Dachshunds are usually very energetic dogs. They like to play around and are actually really fast, even due to their short legs. They are never going to refuse a walk and love spending a day outside, playing around with their masters.

Since Dachshunds have webbed feet, it also makes them great swimmers. They absolutely adore water and are ready for a swim at any time. As long as there is water near, a Dachshund will relish an opportunity to jump inside for a quick swim.

Think What You Will, But Dachshunds are Real Dogs

Most people view small dogs as accessories but a Dachshund is more than that. It belongs to the hound category and not the tot dog one and does not being treated like one. Despite what many people think these dogs are very fierce and loyal.

Most people get this kind of impression because of the comical appearance and small size of the dog, but they are very good guard dogs. They have been bred to get in holes and fight badges, which is a very fierce animal. You may only imagine how tough a Dachshund is when it is able to stand toe to toe with a badger.

These dogs are extremely loyal and will do anything to protect their masters, their family, and their homes.

What is your opinion about Dachshunds? Did you change it after reading this text? Next time when you see a Dachshund, know that it is one of the best types of dogs that you may ever own.