What Your Pet’s Sleeping Position Says About Them

Can you imagine a world where dogs could talk? Would it be a dream come true or a nightmare? As dog-lovers, we’re always trying to figure out exactly what makes those tails wag. After all, we want our best friends to live a happy, healthy life! But sometimes it’s tricky when they can’t tell us exactly what’s wrong. We certainly know when they’re hungry — but how can we deepen our relationship with our dogs?

When words (or barks) fail, you can turn to body language and posture to get to know your dog better. Your dog’s sleeping position can offer a lot of insight into how they feel about you and their environment. Once you can identify these subtle signs of stress or happiness, you’ll be able to better care for your pooch.

The infographic below covers seven common sleeping positions and what each one could mean about your dog’s personality.