Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats?

Dogs are definitely considered “man’s best friend” for all the right reasons. They are loyal, have a loving personality, and are way more active than cats. Since dogs generally have a lot higher energy you’ll be able to do more outdoor activities with them and develop a bond. There are several differences between dogs and cats, and we will list some of the reasons why dogs are better. We love all animals, but we will tell you why dogs are better than cats. If you want to learn more about dogs, visit Care Of My Dog.


Dogs Live an Active Lifestyle Relative to Cats

Cats tend to keep to themselves inside the house while dogs love to run around and be by your side. As a dog owner, you’ll live a more active lifestyle that includes walking, running, and hiking the outdoors. Living an active lifestyle with a dog has health benefits like reduced stress, anxiety, and better physical fitness. This is definitely one of the best reasons why dogs are better than cats.

Dogs Can Serve a Purpose in Life Helping Others

Dogs can serve a big purpose in life by being a service animal. For instance, dogs can assist a blind person, be a therapy dog, pull carts on farms, or even help the police and military using their sense of smell. Dogs have been helping people forever by herding cattle and pulling wagons. They have transitioned to being loving partners that run around outside. When’s the last time you saw cats do any of these acts of service?

Dogs Come in More Sizes and Colors Than Cats


Cats have different types of breeds, but they don’t come in the variety of shapes and sizes that dogs do. For instance, dogs can range in weight from 5 pounds to over 100 pounds and be groomed in many different types of ways. You’ll see dogs with fancy haircuts like the mohawk cut or the lamb cut. You’ll never usually see cats over 20 pounds with fancy haircuts and grooming styles.

Dogs Are Way More Trainable Than Cats

While cats can be a little bit trained, they cannot be trained nearly as much as a dog. Dogs can participate in high skilled events like agility courses, herding exercise, and fetching all types of objects. They can easily be taught basic dog commands like sit, down, touch, and wait. In addition, they can be taught complex commands like roll over, hide and seek, or jump. For instance, if you have the best dog food for Rhodesian ridgebacks, they are willing to listen to your commands and learn new tricks. Their desire for food, as well as the willingness to appease their dog owners, makes them significantly more trainable than a cat. When’s the last time you saw a cat rollover?

Dogs Are More Loyal and Willing to Protect You


Dogs will alert you when intruders come and defend their territory if they feel threatened. Dogs can bark and growl, and they usually defend their owners at all costs. On the other hand, cats run away and protect themselves before they attempt to protect a human.

Dogs Always Want to Have Fun

Dogs want to play and have fun with their owners on a daily basis. Several breeds of dog will fetch, chase a frisbee, or tug on ropes. Dogs also play with other pets which forces you to meet new pet owners whether it be at a dog park or walking around. On the other hand, there’s only so much you can do with a cat whether it is playing with small strings or laser pointers. Playing with a cat is also short-lived as their attention span is very small. They get over playing with their humans really fast.

We hope you enjoyed some reasons why we believe dogs are better than cats. We still love cats and all pets in general but provided some valid arguments on why dogs are better than cats. In general, cats can make better pets if you’re looking for a more independent and lower energy animal.