Why Do Dogs Need Beds: Things You Should Know Before Getting One

You’ve always been stingy when it comes to unnecessary expenses. But when you’re a pet owner, you’d go all in to get everything your pooch needs – even if it means buying a fancy looking dog bed!

Come to think of it, do dogs need beds? Even if you let your pooch to sleep with you on your bed, they should also have a place to rest of their own. And they may need one, two or even three of the best chew proof dog bed around your home.


The Benefits of Having Dog Beds

There are various benefits that a dog bed can offer you and your pet. It can be the perfect spot for your pooch to nap on during the day or to sleep in at night.

These pet beds are more comfortable than sleeping on the floor. It will keep them warm, prevent calluses, and support canine joints. As your pet grows older, they become more fragile and weaker. They are prone to canine arthritis, and sleeping on the floor can cause their skin to become raw and painful. Providing a soft, warm, and comfortable bed for them ensures that they can rest and nap without feeling cold or hurt.

Pet owners with allergies will appreciate not sleeping with their canines even if they love them. Dog beds take care of this dilemma so that both you and your pet relax in comfort. This item is also a great “security blanket” if you are traveling with your pet. It provides something familiar for them and will lessen their anxiety about being in a new place.

Having dog beds around the home also makes it easier for you to clean up. Living with canines means that you always have dog hair all over your house; they are on the furniture, carpets, or your couch. Dog beds minimize the time your dogs spend on the couch and carpet. It will cut your cleaning efforts in half because most of the hair will be collected in their bed instead of other areas in your home. Likewise, when your pet no longer sleeps on rugs or floor, they remain clean, grime, and dirt-free.

What’s The Best Bed for Your Dog?


A dog bed is not just a luxury that you provide for your canine buddy. It is a necessity that will give you plenty of benefits in the long run. But like any other pet product, there are thousands available in the market, so how do you choose one for your pet?

Some of the top factors to consider are the size, comfort, convenience, your pet’s medical needs, costs, and others. Ideally, you can do some research and consult with your veterinarian if your pups have any special needs that have to be addressed.

Typically, the first thing that you should consider about any pet product is that it should accommodate your pooch comfortably. The head or limbs should not hang off the edge when they sleep soundly.

Pet owners should also look into the washability of the bed. You should expect accidents to happen, so your pet may eat, pee, throw up, or scratch fleas on their bed. So pick something that is easily washable for your convenience.

Another crucial factor is the safety of the bed. It should not have any trip or choking hazards, and it should also be chew proof. Remove cords, ribbon, buttons, and risks attached to the dog bed.


Bottom Line

Your pooch may not always sleep on its bed and prefer to sleep on your bed or the floor. You can expect this to happen, especially if the mattress is new. But soon, with the right training, your dog will learn to be comfortable and use its bed. Some people do not consider it to be as crucial other pet products around, but dog beds provide them a place to rest or sleep at any time of the day. Depending on your needs, prices for dog beds can vary. But in the long run, it also proves to be an excellent investment for you and your furry best friend.