Why is it So Important to Play with Puppies?

Puppies are so darn cute! When you see them you just can’t resist to cuddle them and play around with them for a bit. It makes it even more fun to do when you have a playful and energetic puppy to do it with.

But what is the exact purpose of playing with a pup?

Some people do it for their own benefit. They like the feeling that they get when playing with a puppy. Some people even get really emotional when doing it. But the benefits are actually as twice as greater for the puppy itself. It is a two-fold relationship between the owner and a puppy that goes both ways.

But how exactly does it benefit the pup?


The Right Toy

First things first. Choosing the right toy makes a whole lot of difference when trying to amuse your doggo. According to Toys for a Pet, each dog has its own play toy. Whether it is a big or small one or a simple chew toy that they grew up with. It can be an old ball or even an expensive toy that the dog likes to sleep with.

Either way, dogs sometimes get attached to certain toys. It is true that dogs have their own favorite toys. So using a specific toy during playtime can make a whole lot of difference. It makes the dog a lot happier and the play equally rewarding.

Physical Exercise for a Dog

The main and most beneficial thing of playtime for a dog is physical exercise. No matter the bread, dogs have to exercise. Expanding energy will help them develop properly. Some breeds that are more energetic, usually smaller ones require a lot more exercise than other types of breeds.

A walk is also more than necessary for the stable development of your dog. But plying with it has a lot more benefits. After you are done the dog will feel a lot happier and will enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Creates a Bond Between the Dog and the Master

Every master wants to create a deep bond with their pet. But in order to do that one has to spend quality time with their pets and make them happy. The best way to do it is through playtime. Not a lot of mammals play well into adulthood. But in this case, both humans and dogs do. This is one of the reasons why dogs and people get along so well with each other and why a dog is a man’s best friend.

If you play regularly with your puppy you form a bond between you and it that cannot be separated. It boasts well when your child has a puppy and they play and grow up together. The dog will adore the child and obey it and try to protect it. Also, the dog will develop its cognitive skills as well as physical abilities that way.

The bond between the master and a dog is one that is unique and that is hard to break.


Mental Stimulation

In the previous part, we mentioned that playtime helps the dog develop its cognitive abilities. This is more than true as dogs do equally mental stimulation for proper development. Playtime is a unique way to do so. If you start doing it with your puppy or when the dog is fairly young you will ensure that it has enough mental stimulation that will enable it to become a proper adult dog.

Also, certain breeds of dog can get bored if you don’t provide them with any stimulation. The lack of it will only harm the dog and make it create some unhealthy or, in a worst-case scenario, self-destructive habits. All in all, all work and no play do not help the dog develop its mental skills properly. Be sure to ply with your pup as much as possible.

A Fun Way to Train

In order to make your dog behave properly, you have to train it. A good train dog is a good dog. But certain dogs do not react to the same training as others do. Sometimes you have to include playtime to train the dog as best as you can.

Dogs reach playing quite positively and you can use that to train it. This type of training is fun both for you and the dog. There have been numerous cases where playtime has successfully replaced training altogether. The dogs came out well-behaved and properly accustomed to various situations after finishing with it.

If you want to do this be sure to carefully mix your playtime and training sessions. As you play, add certain elements where you train your dog. Both of you are going to be a lot happier and it is best to start when the dog is young.