Why You Should Own A Protection Dog


If you’re one of the many individuals and families thinking of adding a protection dog to your life, you should know that you’re about to make a great decision. Protection dogs can add tremendous value to your family, and added security is only one of the many benefits they provide. Here are a few things you can expect when bringing a protection dog into your family.

Improved Family Security

Improved security – isn’t this the reason why you’re thinking about adding a dog to the family, anyway? It’s no mystery why protection dogs are rising in popularity. Increasing crime, economic uncertainty, and social unrest are just a few issues that you can read about every day on the news and social media. With all that’s happening in the world, adding an extra layer of safety sounds like a pretty good idea.

One of the best things about personal protection dogs is that they provide far more safety and security than an alarm system ever will. As beneficial as alarms to alert you to the fact that an intruder is on your property or trying to break into your house, a protection dog will do that, and more.

Protection dogs are trained to be a living, breathing home security system, bodyguard, and first responder all in one. They’re the complete package. They will alert you to trouble, stand in between you or your family, and any intruder trying to get to you. And, if trained, they will take down an intruder and hold them until authorities arrive. No alarm system in the world can do all of that. Alarm systems have their place. However, it will take the police far longer to arrive at your home than you can afford. After buying a trained protection dog, it’s like you’ll be living with your first responder. And whether you are at home, at the park, or camping on vacation, your alarm system/ bodyguard/ first responder can go with you, too.


Reduce Stress Knowing You’re Safe

Personal safety is stressful enough. But when you have a family with children to worry about that stress becomes multiplied. Now imagine leaving on a business trip or going to work each day knowing that the family you leave at home are safe as can be with a personal attendant to ensure they stay that way. Where’s your stress now?

Not only can you have this level of safety at home, but if you’re the type that needs an extra layer of protection while traveling, a protection dog can provide that, as well.

Knowing you can sleep safely at night, that your children can go to the park with your other half accompanied by a bodyguard, and that you can leave for a week without fretting over the safety of your family should significantly reduce your stress level. We already deal with more stress than healthy these days. Stressing about your security shouldn’t be part of it, and with a protection dog in your life, it doesn’t have to be.

Adding a New Family Member/Friend

While the added security is undoubtedly what we think of initially with the addition of a protection dog, these loving and devoted K9s will also provide the added benefit of offering love, support, and companionship to you and your family. It is a well-known fact that individuals and families with animals experience less stress and more happiness than those without.

Protection dogs often have two distinctive sides to them. They are fierce protectors and guardians of those they love. On the other hand, when with family in a safe and secure environment, protection dogs can be funny, goofy, fun-loving, and an absolute joy to be around. They provide smiles, snuggles, and laughter for those who love them. As fierce as they are toward strangers, they are just as loving and unguarded with their family. A well-trained and socialized protection dog can provide years of loyal companionship and steady support to you, your family, and your children.


Extra Security if You Live Alone

For those who are living alone, a protection dog can provide just the amount of extra security needed to feel safe at home or away on business. If you’re looking for a companion that can act as your bodyguard and alarm system, you can’t do better than a protection dog. Living alone with no one to back you up or call for help can be tenuous at best. By having a protection dog by your side, you can do the calling while your dog takes on the intruder.

Protection Dogs: More Than Safety

Protection dogs offer much more than safety when you bring them into your home and family. They also provide companionship, emotional support, and will be a loyal, devoted friend for life. Are you ready to get a personal protection dog?