Yes, You Can Adopt a Dog- as Long as You Take Care of These Things


Adopting a dog can be a rewarding experience for many of us. But, it is important to understand the additional responsibilities this new addition to your family will bring along. There are many questions that you should seek answers for, prepare your home as well as your family members for the new member and determine how the added responsibilities will be shared. All members of the family should understand and agree to the new responsibilities cast on them towards the dog.  In other words, the stage must be set to ensure that everyone contributes to the well being of the canine and can enjoy its company.

Always remember that finding dog biscuits or organic food treats for your pet dog is merely a very small part of the additional task that you or other members of the family will handle.  When you get down to the task of finding healthy dog treats and organic meat, you will also notice that not many Australian vendors provide quality products.

In total, adopting a dog brings a lot of responsibilities. Each of your family members including you are responsible to take care of the dog. So, if you are planning to adopt a dog, following the things you must take care of.

We have collected the following tips to help you: 

Invest in quality time before making your decision

Hold a family meeting and share your thoughts about adopting a dog to arrive at a consensus. What breed will be the focus, what will be the age – will it be a puppy or a   dog. If you live in an apartment, do the apartment rules permit you to own a dog and do the apartment has enough space for the dog to move around. Who will be responsible for the dog if and when your family travels on vacation?

Where will you source the dog for adoption?

Have you already chosen a dog that you want to adopt? If not, would you head for a neighborhood pet store or a dog shelter? For the pet stores and breeders, raising the puppies is merely a business while dog shelters care for orphaned dogs.


When you adopt a dog, there are additional expenses involved and these expenses can quickly put pressure on your wallet. So, check how much money you can afford and if that is adequate to ensure proper care of the dog.


The dog should be neutered/spayed

Your pet dog should be neutered or spayed because there are enough unwanted puppies around and you do not want to add to them. Most dog shelters are having a tough time providing for all the homeless dogs.  You are doing a great service by preventing further addition to the exploding population in the shelters.

Microchipping and dog tags

Accidents do happen and it is difficult to predict when your dog runs away or gets lost.  Provide your dog with a collar and identification tags with the name of the dog and a couple of phone numbers. If you consider microchipping, you should take your pet dog to a vet and he can carry out a small procedure that will help you get your pet back home. When you move out of your present dwelling, you should ensure to intimate the microchip company with your new contact info.

Teeth brushing – Similar to humans, dogs too need regular brushing at least multiple times every week, if not a daily routine. This can also be a fun routine when you also reward your pet after each brushing.

Caring the nails

Trim your dog’s nails at regular intervals so you prevent breaking or getting hooked on something and potentially hurting, or impact normal walking due to long nails. Long nails can also impact the nervous system and gait of your dog. This part of the task may be challenging for some dogs. However, a groomer or vet can take charge once a month or so.


Dogs will also require regular brushing to enhance blood circulation to the skin and also avoid nasty matting.  Brushing will also help you spend some quality time with your met helping you create a nice bonding. Some dogs may need professional grooming and therefore you should consider this ahead of choosing a particular breed. Bathing, on the other hand, is not as essential as a routine. But, if the dog has made its body dirty or smelly, then you should consider bathing.


Choosing an appropriate diet for your dog is among the most important tasks for you when you decide to adopt a dog. There are many organic dog treats and pet food that you can buy from your neighborhood pet store.  But, you should also be aware that the best diet for your dog is what you can provide him from your kitchen. You should consult a veteran to know how much percentage of meat does your dog needs in its food. Also, it is important to examine carefully the exact amount they are consuming. You should learn what is most appropriate for your dog with a focus on maintaining ideal weight throughout its lifecycle. Overweight is a major problem that most dog owners face and therefore you should ensure that your dog stays safe from this problem.  More importantly, you should also keep a close watch on what your dog eats outside your control.


You cannot keep your dog under leash day in and day out. He needs some exercise just as we do. At least one long walk a day is the minimum recommended and one member of your family should have the required free time to undertake this task. Apart from exercise, your dog will also need some entertainment and toys to keep him engaged.



At least during the initial months after you bring in your pet dog, training must be imparted so that both the family members and the dog know where the lines are drawn. Instructing humans is relatively easy, but training a dog is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you have difficulty with this task, you should get professional help. Clear boundaries and rules must be laid down and there must be a carrot and stick policy when you train your dog.


If this is the first-ever time you are adopting a pet dog, these tips will surely help you. Also, to learn more information about your dog’s breed, you should seek advice from a dog-owner. I hope after check-marking these tips, you would become a great dog owner.

Happy adopting & Have a paw-fect (perfect) time with your dog!