Patterdale Terriers – Breed Introduction

Let’s not beat around the bush – Patterdale terriers are high energy and feisty little terriers that are not for the faint-hearted or the first time dog owner! But with the right owner, these dogs are extremely lovely and loyal. Today we are going ...Read More

Dog Food Labels and Ingredients to Avoid

If you own a dog, you know the importance of your dog’s diet. Focusing on nutrition can be one of the best ways to keep your animal healthy and help them live a long life. One of the first things you should do is ...Read More

Dog Breeds That Are Great Therapy Dogs

A therapy dog is not a service dog. It is a completely separate type of dog that performs a certain function. Therapy dogs are there to provide support to people with mental or social problems. Having a pet has often shown that it has ...Read More

Pug: The Most Hilarious Dog On The Planet

What you are going to learn about the pug breed might persuade you to go out and buy one of these delightful little dogs. They are not for everyone, though, as they have a distinct personality and certain characteristics that put some people off. ...Read More

How to Deal With Tapeworms in Cats and Dogs

Dipylidium Caninum, or commonly known as tapeworms are internal parasites that live in the small intestine of dogs and cats. They feed on the digested food of the host in the small intestine and keep reproducing. They can be eliminated by dewormer medication but ...Read More

How to Keep Your Dog Cool During a Walk?

Your dog will encourage you to go for a walk early in the morning. Walking with your dog have a great fun time. It’s better for you and your dog’s health. Walking will keep you active all day. During the summer season, while walking, ...Read More

Multi Colored Dogs with a Fun Coat Pattern

With so many dog breeds that exist today, particularly the hybrid ones, we are bound to get some interesting results. They come out in all kinds of shapes and forms – big, small, long-eared, short-tailed! But what people find the most appealing are odd ...Read More

Why You Should Own A Protection Dog

If you’re one of the many individuals and families thinking of adding a protection dog to your life, you should know that you’re about to make a great decision. Protection dogs can add tremendous value to your family, and added security is only one ...Read More

Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats?

Dogs are definitely considered “man’s best friend” for all the right reasons. They are loyal, have a loving personality, and are way more active than cats. Since dogs generally have a lot higher energy you’ll be able to do more outdoor activities with them ...Read More